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FreshStart Hypnosis works at the subconscious level of your mind. It adjusts (“tunes”) your ability to concentrate, process and recall information. It’s this subconscious part of the mind that is responsible for these important tasks.

You already use your subconscious mind for memory. If you’ve ever found yourself surprised by an ability to remember a complete song lyric from years ago, or scene of dialog from a movie. Or perhaps an old phone number….then you have experienced subconscious recall.

Accelerated Learning

Harnessing this natural feature of the mind…and increasing this level of subconscious effectiveness means that your study time can be cut to a fraction of what you use today, and that means you can spend more time doing other things while scoring top marks.


Hypnotherapy is recognized by The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA) as an effective tool for personal improvement.

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